Thursday, October 30, 2014

He is Science

Preston: Mom, why does ice float?

Me: Honey, eat your lunch, please. Floating is about buoyancy and density. I have a Bill Nye video about it if you want to watch it after lunch? But you have to eat your lunch, ok?

Preston: Yeah, let’s do that. (pause) Mom, where is God in the universe?

Me: You know, I really don’t know.

Preston: Does Bill Nye know? Does he have a video about where God is?

Me: No, buddy. He doesn’t have videos about God and religion. Just science.

Preston: But Mom, God is science. His mind is science.

Me: So if God is science, is that why you love science so much?

Preston: Yes, because God created everything. Even science, because He IS science. Well, they’re not congruent, but they are very, very similar. It’s because God exists that we exist. Nothing would exist without God, even anti-matter.

Me: But if God created everything how did he do it?

Preston: Well, I’m not exactly sure, but God created all the matter in the universe and the universe created us…so I guess that’s how he did it. Pure energy can make particles too so I think he did it that way also. (pause) Mom, what’s beyond the universe? Is that where God lives?

Me: Honestly, I don’t know, but I’d like to learn more about it.

Preston: Mom, what’s after the universe? You know, there’s our solar system, our galaxy and our universe…what’s after that?

Me: Well, maybe the cosmos just extend out to forever and never end.

Preston: That’s impossible in my mind.

Me: Yeah, trying to imagine infinity is a really tricky thing to do.

Preston: No. It’s impossible. You told me the universe is UNIMAGINABLY big. And if the cosmos go on forever then I can’t imagine it. It’s unimaginable in my mind. It’s impossible.

Me: I see what you mean. I didn’t mean “unimaginably” literally, I just meant it’s really, really big. Maybe after lunch would you and I could learn more about the universe together.

Preston: Maybe I could use some math to make an equation to figure out what’s beyond the cosmos…easy-peasy.

Me: Sounds good. Can you at least finish your lunch first?

Preston: Yep! I’m almost done.