Friday, July 8, 2016

The Enemy

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We are culturally conditioned to be racists before we even knew the word.

We are culturally conditioned to be misogynists regardless of your gender identity.

We are culturally conditioned for heteronormativity before we have a sexual identity.

These ideas cannot be changed without acknowledging we are living in a society of racist, sexist, heteronormative people born from the primitive short-comings, ignorance, and hatred of our ancestors.

Racism is not a black vs. white issue.

Sexism is not a men vs. women issue.

Homophobia is not a hetero vs. homo issue.

The enemy is racism, sexism, and heterosexism. The enemy is not a person, nor does it have a face, other than the one you see in your reflection. The enemy is unwittingly passed down from generation to generation. The enemy lurks within our minds pervasively influencing the reality we create, and the enemy has manifested horrific acts of violence. The enemy has made drones of us.

The enemy would die one of two ways:
(1) The collective extinction of the human species.
(2) The collective transcendence of the human species.

I don't see another way out.

I believe we have the capacity to change the future, but we will be far more effective if we learn from our past and target ideas instead of people. This will be difficult because as mortal beings we can easily be killed with bullets while a hateful idea can live on like a parasite jumping from host to host.

If we are going to change our societies we must change ourselves. To defeat the enemy we'll need to work together, not as human vs. humans, but as humans vs. hateful ideas.