Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bring Love to Life: a transhumanist love poem

(Artist: Agnes-Cecile)

Stripped to a state of honesty,
I told you my secrets and fears.
You showed me hope,
and told me I was worthy.
For some reason, I believed you.
You were my exorcism,
banishing villains from my head.
When you said my name
you summoned me to warmth.
Your gaze lingered 
as you pulled me into the rhythm of your step.
We met at that sacred space
where minds meet and hips quiver.

Dictates and mandates
were fed with fear,
but there is no fear in love.
No shame in communion.
When they called love hubris,
apathy replaced righteousness,
complacency replaced humility.
Thoughtless obedience
made the saint the sinner
and the sinner the saint.
I’m not the prodigal daughter,
because there was no sin in my rebellion—
just a lover looking for God,
and I found you.

I feel you in my veins,
ripping through my sutures.
The hurt feels strangely familiar.
Please, drink my thoughts,
don't make me talk.
Open our seams,
and let us share this dream.
I don’t want eternity,
unless I can have eternity with you.
Tell me we can—
Tell me we will—
Tell me we must—
Bring love to life.