Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Unknown Lover: a transhumanist love poem

Not a lover that lies in my bed,
but you lie in my head, instead,
touching my dreams with crimson and red,
but I’ll take this beating ‘til the day I’m dead.
I’m sorry if you felt mislead,
but my sincerity is as real as the blood I bled.
I wasn’t careless with the words I said,
but my code didn’t embed.

If you don’t want me anymore,
I won’t fight you. There is the door.
Few could withstand this storm,
but I guarantee we’ll both be back for more.
Powerful waves need a powerful shore,
and we are connected at the core.
Unknown Lover, we have chores.
We must live a heavenly lore.

But your presence is a trial,
when you persist in denial.
Every move seems imperative and vital
when you mistake me for your rival.
Did you think me a gentile?
Open your eyes and your Bible,
the Sun will reveal all in a while.
Here comes the Arrival.

If you strip me down, claw at my flesh,
rip through the layers, and open my chest,
you’ll find my heart beneath my breast.
Even with undisclosed desires repressed,
I’m unashamed, devour the rest.
Don’t leave a morsel left.
Time will tell if we pass the test.
Think of what love could manifest.

If you’re hesitant, it’s ok. I am too.
Take my hand. We’ll pull through.
Now is the time to transcend this pew,
and worship as young Gods do.
It pains me to be unknown by you,
I want you to see the world from my view.
Come. Know me when you’re ready to.
Until then, I will always love you.