Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Priestess

In the beginning was the Word,
and She was God.
She breathed, “Let there be light”,
and shattered absence
with conception.
All was born.
She looked upon the earth,
teeming with a network of life.
And it was good.

She, God the Mother,
evolved woman from a lesser specimen,
And shared Her priestesshood with Eve,
The Mother of All Living.
Eve chose the fruit of
knowledge and intelligence,
protected under providence.
The children of God were born when
she disobeyed the laws of Eden.
And it was good.

Eve’s daughters grew as
authorized agents,
keeper of keys,
temples of life,
attributed to God, Herself,
to enable all goodness and flourishing.
Her daughters acted in Her name,
creating life,
each a member of a greater whole.
And it was good.

My female body swollen
with Her priestesshood,
as it was with Mother Eve.
Infinite life within my womb,
pregnant with exponential love,
overflowing with sentience,
I felt my own daughter in motion.
And it was good.

My daughter was born.
In her first breath,
she wailed for the Mother,
“I am lost. Thirsty and suffocating.
Where is She?”
Placing my breast in her mouth,
I whispered to my daughter,
“The Mother is here,
as plain as air.
She surrounds you.
Claim your birthright and
breathe Her in.
You are not lost.”
And it was good.

If a woman does not comprehend
the character of God,
she does not comprehend herself.
The Mother awaits
Her daughters to claim their priestesshood,
to act in the name of the Creator,
to summon the sacrament of life.
It was passed from mother to daughter,
beginning with the Word.

And it was good.